No. 4


Spring Summer 2018 Presentation
March 10 - April 21, 2018

What is it that we find (redeeming) in clothing? It is a uniquely transformative force. A presence, an armor true and respective to the interior. Capable of facilitating a conversation. Essentialized elements without the routine gestures of clothing. It’s about peace, clarity. A testament to continued faith in clothing. The signifiers remain empty, yet are found full in their completed sign, “a meaning” –  something tired, true.

Elsewhere is a clothing project that produces cherished garments for everyday wear. With intentionality at the core of their practice, they promote slow fashion with deliberate development and conscious production. Their working principles undertake a genuine interest in the pursuit of knowledge, respect for nature, cooking as respite, and clothing as transformative force. All aspects of design, drafting, sampling, and development take place in their Los Angeles studio.

Open Gallery Hours: 
March 24  11 - 2
April 7  11 - 2
April 21  11 - 2

And by appointment 

Photos by Gabrielle Stiles

Photos by Gabrielle Stiles