No. 2

Jasmine Blooming on the Distant Shore

For Mascot, BODYWORKBODYWORK will create an environment of video, print, and sound meant to focus on a moment where two rhythmic patterns intersect, joining nature with the human body and briefly creating a new symmetry.  Interference occurs when two waves overlap. At that point, both cease to exist and a new wave is born. The rise and fall of the tides, inhaling and exhaling. A mile of sneakers imprinted in the sand…coming in…going out. 

This exhibition will include a live sound performance and projection on the opening night. A limited run of artists books made for this project will also be available. 

October 7 - November 19, 2017 [Extended through November 26, 2017]

Opening October 7, 2017
7 - 10PM Performance at 8PM